Two experiences at Famo are never the same, and this is reflected in the highly professional team behind each of the Famo restaurants, who each leave their personal mark on the restaurants. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Famo family – whether it's for just a single pasta or the full menu. No matter what, your evening at Famo will be filled with flavour, a wonderful chaos, and, of course, a loud "buonasera".



The mission has been clear straight from the beginning, and it still is today, 12 years later.
FAMO wish to create a setting for an embracing meal, which makes our guests relax, and let themselves be seduced and surprised by the chefs’ creations. 



Since 2005, the Danes have been able to experience unique ingredients, Italian chaos, and culinary art. This was when Famo opened the doors for the first time and invited the first guests to a proper Italian feast. Since then, one restaurant has become three, with equally high standards when it comes to culinary art.


We wish to create the settings for a proper Italian meal, where all the elements – from the fresh Italian ingredients and the wonderful wines to the informal and relaxed, yet very professional service – will embrace your evening and contribute to create a cosy and vivid atmosphere. Our goal is to make you feel at home and at the same time take you on a journey into the Italian universe of tastes.



Fabbio Mazzon

Fabbio Mazzon, born in Switzerland, has lived and worked as a chef in Denmark for 25 years. Growing up with a mother who was “terrible at cooking food”, the interest for cooking and the dream to become a chef started very early. At the age of 15, Fabbio got his first job in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant in Chiarano Province of Treviso. Thereafter, he moved to Belgium, Italy, and finally to Sweden and Denmark – everywhere seeking for the best recipes and a way to experiment in the kitchen.

“In the 80’s, chefs at restaurants weren’t considered rock stars like they are today. The environment at the restaurants back then was often terribly strict and harsh, but when I came to Scandinavia, I developed a newfound respect for my profession. Here, we chefs have more labour rights, and the profession is not a low-class profession, even though you are not a star,” says Fabbio.


Michelin Stars and a new beginning

When Fabbio came to Denmark in 1995, he soon started working as a chef at Era Ora. Here, Fabbio was given free hands to use all his knowledge and experiment in the kitchen, that soon hereafter got a Michelin Star. But all good things must come to an end. In 2001, the day after the terror attack in New York, on September 12, Fabbio quit his job at Era Ora:

“It was a different time, people were scared and stopped to go out and spending money because of the attack, and I suddenly wanted to do something completely different: to open a restaurant with good food but at low prices. I wanted the people of Denmark to start going out to dinner, even on weekdays,” Fabbio says.

Fabbio started soon hereafter the first Famo restaurant.


Three restaurants and a catering firm

Today, Fabbio Mazzon is the owner of the three Famo restaurants: Saxo, Metro and Carne – and also the catering service, A Casa. If you ask him if he’s happy, he will tell you that he is living the dream. The mission now is to keep this dream alive. To keep giving the guests an amazing experience when they visit one of the restaurants.

“For me, food is connecting people. Food is soul, and food can put a smile on your face. It can bring people together and make them go “yeah!”. That’s my mission and I love it,” Fabbio says.